Winter Jam in Chicago

What is Winter Jam?

Last Friday we decided to attend Winter Jam in Chicago, and it was SO much fun!! This was a first for both my daughter and I. For those who don’t know what Winter Jam is, it is a concert tour full of the best Christian musicians. I already know some people are saying, “Christian musicians? That can’t be fun because the music is boring!” I know because I used to think like that. The only Christian musicians I ever liked as a kid were Dolly Parton and DC Talk, and I’m not entirely sure Dolly counted as an official Christian musician. There was also the music from the Sister Act movies, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t really count either. Anyway, Christian music has  come a long way from when I was a kid and is actually pretty amazing and represented in every genre of music. There’s rap, rock, country, pop, punk, gospel, and a whole plethora of options to suit your taste in music. It’s strange to think that Christian music has become my favorite genre because I used to avoid it like the plague, but it has. And Winter Jam is absolutely amazing! It’s a youth concert with preaching between sets and they try to encourage people to sponsor needy children for Holt International. I’ve sponsored 3 children in the past through other charities, so I was rather sad that I couldn’t sponsor any children this year. You can learn more about Winter Jam at

Winter Jam, Chicago IL, Allstate Arena, March 10, 2017

The Experience

Winter Jam was amazing! I loved it!! Thousand Foot Krutch is one of our favorite bands, and they were onstage first so that was a great way to start off. My daughter who is pretty picky about music was ecstatic and jumping around to the music. When Andy Mineo came onstage the bass shook you from the inside out. You know where you can feel the music vibrating in your lungs? That feeling. I learned that even though Britt Nicole sounds like a Christian version of Britney Spears on recordings, she can seriously belt it out to the back row live. I completely did not expect the voice she actually has and her recordings don’t do her music justice in the slightest. Crowder brought that down home country boy sound that got me dancing again at the end of the night when I thought I was too tired to really get pumped up anymore. Really the best song of the night was the last one that included all of the bands contributing their own parts to the song. You could feel the power and worship and love radiating through the arena all night, but that ending spoke to the heart like no other song.

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