Upcoming Developments for Actions Are Greater!

Accomplishments for Actions Are Greater

I’m sure you guys have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. Well, the reason for that is because I have been working on writing 2 books! It’s been a rather busy few months between working on JK Gam3rs and working towards some great content and ideas for you guys. Not only the books but I will be developing some meditation and manifestation videos as well! The first will be a golden light meditation which will be posted here soon. We have all manner of exciting things coming up the next few months for you guys!!

This week my ebook, Through the Fire, will be available on Kindle Select for FREE FOR TWO DAYS ONLY!! It is a poetry book about emotions and domestic violence that I wrote while struggling through abusive relationships. A portion of all proceeds from the book go to domestic violence charities. There are many people stuck in abusive relationships with no resources or way out. They are afraid to ask for help or don’t even understand exactly what abuse is. They don’t know how to get out or even THAT they can get out. These programs are extremely important, and with current budget cuts to these programs and others like them by the government, I feel it is extremely necessary that those of us who recognize their importance give back and support these programs. Click here to buy Through the Fire on Amazon. 

The first is a short guide to manifesting the things you want in your life called Create Your Reality In Only 7 Steps. I will be releasing it sometime within the next week, possibly as early as tomorrow depending on how things go. I am just wrapping up the details before officially releasing it. It will be completely FREE the first 5 days!! Sign up for our mailing list via the form at the top of the page if you would like to receive the release notification!

The next book will be titled The Manifest Game which I am hoping to be able to publish sometime in September. This one will be a more in depth book about manifestation and the law of attraction, showing wisdom going back to even the Bible telling us how to create in the world around us as God commanded. I am super excited about this one!! A lot of people think manifestation is all witchcraft occult stuff, but is isn’t. The Bible specifically instructed us the ways we are to serve God, and creating in this world is exactly what we were ourselves created to do. Too many people have been held back by this perception that we are going against God or goodness if we are successful in life, but that isn’t true! You CAN be successful and a truly spiritual person does no If you would like the link to the pre-order and announcement of release sign up for our mailing list via the form at the top of the page.

I am also looking forward to doing a book review series on motivational and inspirational books. If you would like to submit your book for this series, please go to Actions Are Greater’s contact us page and send me a message with your contact info, a summary of your book, and a link to where your book can be purchased.

I’m so excited you guys, and I can’t wait to show you all I’ve been working on!! I promise I’m going to try to post more often from now on. Comment & let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see from us. Thanks guys!!