Create Your Reality In Only 7 Easy Steps



You have the most amazing super power! You have the power to CREATE!! I know, I know….no one told you that you were a superhero, yet here you are. An amazing human being able to create your own reality in only 7 easy steps! Who knew?!

In Create Your Own Reality In Only 7 Easy Steps Krystle teaches you a simple process to designing your life to be what YOU want it to be. Your life is not subject to random circumstances or fate. You have the power to design it. It only takes bold determination and faith in yourself and the process to have whatever you set out to achieve in life.

So many books about manifestation are long, confusing and hard to read. Not this one! This short guide will have you manifesting your desires quickly and easily in no time at all. It is designed to be a simple guidebook to make it fun and easy to put the law of attraction to work in your own life, without all the extra fluff and long explanations. Simple, easy to read, and designed to work for you, this book can be used again and again to get you manifesting asap and creating a new reality for yourself today!


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