My name is Krystle Sanders, and I am the Reiki Master Teacher and Ordained Minister for Actions Are Greater, located near Starved Rock in Illinois. I provide Reiki Healing, Life & Spiritual Coaching, and Wedding Services.

Coming soon in 2018 I will be offering an online Reiki I certification course. Also coming in the future hypnotherapy services will be included.

Wedding Services

I officiate weddings anywhere in Bureau and LaSalle Counties. Want to get married on the trails at Starved Rock? I’ll hike with you to any canyon you please to wed you surrounded by nature. Looking for an intimate backyard ceremony? I’ll help you design the perfect wedding catered to you and your love! Religious, secular, or themed, I’m here to join you and your sweetheart in wedded bliss in a way that expresses your unique and exceptional personalities to the world.

If you would like me to officiate your wedding, please fill out this form. I will need to know how long of a ceremony you desire, number of people that will be attending, time, date & location in order to properly quote you. Also please include details of what kind of ceremony you would like to have (religious, secular, themed, etc…) Pricing can range anywhere from $35-$500 depending on the complexity and distance of the wedding services that will be performed.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese “laying on of hands” technique for healing, stress reduction, and relaxation. It is based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the patient to activate the natural healing process of the patient’s body and restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

 Many ancient cultures embraced the belief that life energy flowed through the body deeply affecting our bodies, minds and emotions. Current research strongly suggests that energy does extend throughout and beyond the physical body and that disruptions or imbalances in its flow correlate to physical, mental and emotional illnesses. Reiki addresses these imbalances.

The practice of Reiki is based on the teachings of Mikao Usui. Research into the source of Usui’s work points to ancient Buddhist sutras and the teachings of great Eastern masters, as well as his own meditation practice. Reiki is not massage, hypnosis, or a tool for diagnosing illness.

Reiki is a natural, safe alternative and complementary healing modality. It helps the body to bring balance to the root cause of the disease. Reiki is non-invasive and works in conjunction with conventional medical or therapeutic treatment to relieve side effects and aid the healing process.

What is a Reiki Session Like?

You will normally lie on a table fully clothed, but you can receive it in almost any setting. When you come to a Reiki session it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Because Reiki is energy, it can be sent long distances or to another point in time. This is why it can be sent via online or recorded means. In online Reiki sessions you can sit or lay in any position that is most comfortable for you.

I prefer to do live online videos when performing distance reiki as it adds to the personal connection between myself and my clients, but I also have short pre-recorded videos available here and on my Youtube channel.

The effects vary from individual to individual, but most people experience deep relaxation. You may perceive a tingling or pulsing sensation, a feeling of warmth and comfort, or you may even fall asleep.
It is possible you’ll experience powerful sensations or emotions during or after a session.

Reiki in Health Care

Used by a rapidly growing number of hospitals all over the world, Reiki complements medical treatment, natural therapies, and massage therapy. Reiki is being successfully integrated into
numerous clinical settings to complement medical care and psychological counseling.

Reiki Research

Medical research has focused upon verifying Reiki’s effects rather than explaining how it works. Studies have shown a highly significant reduction in pain following Reiki treatment. Surgical patients often have shorter hospital stays and experience faster healing. Another study cited
improvement in immune and nervous system functioning and increased mobility in patients with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and fibromyalgia.

Please click here if you would like to book an online healing session with me.

Life & Spiritual Coaching

My job is to help you get moving wherever you feel stuck in life!


Fighting all the time with your significant other? Feeling that the love between the two of you has gotten stale and they take you for granted? We’ll look at the triggers causing issues and develop a plan of action you can follow to bring the spice back into your relationship and calm the raging storms so that you can feel a sense of value in your relationship again.


Having difficulty relating to your kids? Toddler refusing to potty train? Teenager turned into a snarling monster and you just don’t know what to do? Can’t seem to stop yelling out of frustration all the time? I’ll help you determine where you can make changes and implement strategies to bring your home back into balance. Parenting is hard. I know. I’ve got 4 kids from infant to teenager myself. I’ve been where you are…frustrated, burnt out, wondering how to survive it all. Together we’ll find the resources you need to get on track and manage it all.


Existential dread finally caught up to you in life? Who am I? What am I? Where am I going? What the hell am I doing here? Is there a God and if there is does He (or She) care about me? My job is to help you discover what YOU believe and how you can feel connected in this disconnected world. We’ll determine what feels right for you and devise exercises you can use to work towards improving your spiritual well being. I firmly believe that we need mind, body and spirit resonating together harmoniously in order for us to move through this world as our best selves to fulfill the purpose we were put here to do, and that is what we will work towards with you.

You can sign up for Life & Spiritual Coaching Services here! 

Reiki Yin Yang


*Disclaimer* Reiki is not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if someone has a serious health issue they should see a doctor or other appropriate professional and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. Reiki does not use any tissue manipulation or massage and does not ever involve sexual contact of any kind under any circumstance. Unethical people have been known to abuse other people under the pretext of spiritual, holistic and complementary healing. Such people should be reported to authorities promptly.

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