Reiki for Love

Reiki For Love - Distance Healing Video

When dealing with love, we have to remember that our inner world reflects our outer world. If you have been having difficulty finding love, it may be time to do some self-reflection and work on healing the parts of you that you don’t feel so great about. Show yourself some love lady!

If you’re attracting love, but all the wrong kinds of love, look within to see where you aren’t showing yourself love or maybe have been abusing and beating yourself up. You deserve an AMAZING life full of love! Both self-love and love from others, and you can have it, but you must heal what hurts within in order to do so. Don’t accept less just because someone somewhere along the line taught you that you deserve less. They were wrong.

So let’s get to some reiki healing for your inner world, to increase self-love and allow you to be able to share the AWESOME SAUCE that is YOU!! ♥♥♥

Sit or lay comfortably while viewing this video and remain open to receiving the Reiki being sent to you. Reiki is energy and so is not constrained by time or space, and can be stored in recordings such as this one to be released to the person viewing it. Make sure to drink water after receiving reiki to aid in the healing process.

May this energy bring health and healing to you.

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