Reiki For Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Reiki can help you heal the blockages in your energy body keeping you awake at night! Sometimes when we get stuck in a stress pattern, it can be hard to get back out. Our mind is overwhelmed with all the thoughts of problems we experience during the day, and we have a hard time letting go, and so we can’t sleep. Then because we can’t sleep we go through the next day stressed out and having a hard time dealing with daily stressors. What happens that next night? The cycle continues, and this happens over and over every day until something comes along to stop the cycle.

You can stop the cycle! Healing your energetic body opens the pathways so that your energy can flow freely, helping to reduce stress and better be able to handle the things that come your way every day. It allows you to let go of things that you might be holding onto. It allows you to feel more relaxed and capable in your life and at night when you are trying to go to sleep.

Sit or lay comfortably while viewing this video and remain open to receiving the Reiki being sent to you. Reiki is energy and so is not constrained by time or space, and can be stored in recordings such as this one to be released to the person viewing it. Make sure to drink water after receiving reiki to aid in the healing process.

♥ May this energy bring health and healing to you ♥