Upcoming Developments for Actions Are Greater!

Accomplishments for Actions Are Greater

I’m sure you guys have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. Well, the reason for that is because I have been working on writing 2 books! It’s been a rather busy few months between working on JK Gam3rs and working towards some great content and ideas for you guys. Not only the books […]

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3 Steps to Breaking Your Limits

Do you often tell yourself that you can’t do something? I probably say “I can’t” at least once a day, if not more. More often than not, that is the thing that prevents me from accomplishing a goal. Not circumstances. Not another person. My own brain holds me back. We all have those things that […]

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How Paleo Is Helping Me Lose Baby Weight

I am not a diet person. I am a failing at diets person. So what did I do? I decided to try a new diet for myself and my family. Now my family….they are not diet people either. My hubby thought I was nuts, even though he wants to return to eating a more healthy […]

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Winter Jam in Chicago

What is Winter Jam? Last Friday we decided to attend Winter Jam in Chicago, and it was SO much fun!! This was a first for both my daughter and I. For those who don’t know what Winter Jam is, it is a concert tour full of the best Christian musicians. I already know some people […]

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I Quit Smoking For Lent

For Lent this year, my hunny and I decided to give up smoking, eat healthier and exercise. I’m Catholic & he’s Non-Denominational, but he has decided to participate in Lent with me for the first time this year. Your body is a gift given to you by God. It is important to appreciate it and […]

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