Slow Small Steps to Great Big Dreams!

by Krystle Sanders – Actions Are Greater – also published on My Aussie Dream Initially getting motivated is the easy part. Schools and businesses bring in the motivational speakers to kick us into gear and give us motivation. Everyone gets all hyped up and excited.   “This guy knows what he’s talking about! I’m taking his […]

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Babes in Action Group Rules & Conditions

Actions Are Greater logo

Hey Beautiful Babe! In order to keep the Babes in Action group as amazing, positive and as beneficial to our members as possible, we have created some group rules to preserve the incredible quality of the posts and value shared inside. Please note by requesting to join the group and being approved into the group, […]

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The Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Renmai - The Conception Vessel - Eight Extraordinary Vessels

The Meridian System has 12 primary meridians, but there are also 8 extra meridians known as the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. Additional names for these are Eight Extraordinary Meridians, Eight Curious Vessels, the Eight Marvelous Meridians, and the Eight Irregular Vessels. The Eight Extraordinary Vessels are as follows: Du Mai ————> Governing Vessel Ren Mai ———–> Conception […]

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Chinese Meridians – Alternative Healing Energy Channels

Chinese Meridians - Alternative Medicine Energy Channels

A great deal of eastern or alternative medicine is based around meridians in the body discovered by the Chinese over 5000 years ago. These meridians are energy pathways that Qi (pronounced chee) flows through the body. When there is a blockage in these energy channels, issues can develop mentally, emotionally, or physically. A practitioner of […]

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