Money Energy – How You Can Attract More Of It!

Money Manifestation

Money is energy. Common saying, but what exactly does it mean? How does a person change their energy to attract more money?

When you think about money, what do you associate with it? Your worth and social standing in life? Your ability to accumulate more things? Your ability to pay off debts? We all have a relationship with money. Some have a more positive relationship than others because they find it flowing freely to them, while others struggle continually to make a few measly bucks. Why is this?

Well, money was created as a representative of services rendered. Without money we live in a bartering or exchange type of economy where one person exchanges their services for another’s. With money we are exchanging services for a value that we place upon it, which is then accumulated or exchanged for other services. So basically we added a middleman to make it easier to place a set value upon a service rather than haggle to exchange services that may be valued differently from person to person. Your services that you provide are your energy that you are putting out into the world in order to receive the value you have placed upon it back in money. So while the saying is that money is energy, it’s not quite true. Money is actually the VEHICLE that energy travels through from person to person.

So how do we get more of it? How do we raise our vibration to attract more of it into our lives? The first step is to put a higher value on the energy you put out into the world. Stop letting other people dictate what you are worth. You determine your worth and the value of your work that you are putting out into the world. One way to achieve this is by healing our feelings of low value and not being good enough. A lot of coaches will tell you to focus on your money blocks and healing each one by changing the thoughts you have through affirmations. While this can work, in my opinion it takes much longer because according to the law of attraction what you focus on is what determines your reality. A lot of people when using affirmations get stuck in feeling like they are faking or that the affirmations aren’t true, and so they continue to attract low value to themselves because they can’t break free of the past by focusing on it. This is where reiki comes in.

When using reiki, we are healing ourselves through infusing new energy into ourselves and others. You don’t sit around trying to convince yourself that something you don’t really believe is true. You aren’t focused on the lack or negative portions of your relationship with money. You are focused on the positive energy that is flowing into you, altering your energetic state and moving forward into a new state of being, completely skipping the need for repetitive mantras. You aren’t trying to fight against your negative conditioning. You are existing in the state of high, positive energy that you need to be in to be able to attract money to you.

You attract what you are. If you are always trying to fight negative beliefs, you will always live in negative beliefs. If you are spending your time energetically resonating prosperity as a state of being, then you will only attract prosperity. It’s more than a thought or an emotion that you combat when it pops up with another thought or emotion. Your thoughts and emotions are the measuring stick that tell you what energy level you are resonating at. Ever notice when you are full of energy and happy it is easy to be positive, think happy thoughts and feel happy emotions? That’s because you have already put your energy into that position to radiate naturally in that manner. When you feel drained and low energy you will feel pessimistic, like nothing will ever get better, like every step forward is a struggle, because that is what you are resonating naturally.

This is why it is highly beneficial to learn to channel fresh, new energy into yourself. There are various meditations, which I teach in my course The Manifest Game, that one can apply to naturally resonate in prosperity. Practices which can generally improve your resonance, and ones specifically catered to money energy.

If you want to manifest money fast, then you need to get yourself on the right frequency. Find ways you can improve your energy levels. Reiki isn’t the only way you can increase your energy. You can do so by reducing things that drain your energy. We’ll talk more about this in another post though. Until then…


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