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JK Gam3rs is now at its own site!!

We are so excited to tell you that JK Gam3rs has it’s own website now! Yaaaaayyyy!!!! So while you can still find this informational page here, everything that was previously on Actions Are Greater for JK Gam3rs will be moving to the new site so that we can better serve both groups. You can still find us on our various social media listed below until then. Thanks guys!! Looking forward to continuing to provide you with great gaming content in this new stage we are entering!!

You can find the website at JKGam3rs.com now. Head over there and create your profile to start gaming with us there!

This is where you can find entertainment, tutorials, and other great gamer & geek related content on our site!! Please remember to Subscribe to us on Youtube, Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter!!

If there is anything you want to see us do a video on you can email us at either adidas@jkgam3rs.com or phoenix@jkgam3rs.com, or hit us up on one of our social media accounts listed above with your suggestions. We always love to hear from our fans!!

You’re all awesome-sauce!! Thanks again!

John & Krystle



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