How Reiki Can Help You Find Love

How To Use Reiki To Find Love

Everyone is always looking for the quick fix magical solution to finding true love. If you want the honest truth….there isn’t one. If you want to find real lasting love, you have to do the work. Now, you can make lists of your ideal qualities you are looking for in a man, what you want and don’t want, what you need and blah blah blah. I did this so many times, writing lists every time I had a breakup or was ready to jump back in the dating scene again. Lists can be helpful, yes, but they can only get you so far, and often people can get themselves wrapped up in finding someone who fits the list rather than someone who fits them.

So I’m going to skip over the list. Make one if you like, but it’s really not necessary for this. With reiki, we are infusing ourselves with healing energy. Often we have deep wounds that are screaming out to be healed inside of us, and we go on ignoring them, jumping in and out of relationships, or hiding from relationships completely, because we don’t want to deal with the pain. But babe, you have to deal with the pain in order to move forward. Human nature is to avoid pain, yes, but pain is a teacher. Often those things that have hurt you the most are the exact thing holding you back because you are hiding from the lesson the pain brought you. You have to heal the wound, and you can only do that by acknowledging that it exists in the first place.

So the first step is to find the holes in your heart…the thoughts that come to mind whenever you think about actually being in a relationship with a man you desire. Is it low self-confidence that tells you that you don’t deserve that kind of man every time you think of what you truly want? Do you believe that there isn’t anyone out there that is worthy of your trust and love? Have you become jaded or learned to love being alone? Do you hate feeling like someone is controlling you? What is the issue you find when you peer deep within? Face it. Really look at it and get honest with yourself about what it is and why it is holding you back.

The next step is to use reiki to heal your wounds. Picture whatever situation that inspires these feelings in you, whether it is a memory or a fear. You can imagine a situation, a symbol, a color, whatever feels right to you. Now, I want you to just focus on picturing energy like a golden white light flowing into you and this hole and filling it up, making everything bright. As it fills you up, imagine yourself feeling differently…happy, joyful, loving…and imagine the original situation changing to reflect that. Meditate on this as long as you need to feel that it is truly changing your perspective. If you have access to a reiki practitioner, I recommend asking for their help to direct reiki for you as they have been attuned. Anyone can use energy to heal themselves, but reiki practitioners have been trained to feel and focus energy in more effective methods.

The third step is to trust and readjust. As time goes on you’ll feel the doubts and fears creeping back in. This is natural and part of the healing process. Whenever you feel this occurring, take a few moments to breathe and perform the meditation once more if you are able to balance yourself again. If you are seeing a professional reiki practitioner, then you may want to schedule regular appointments for a while. Keep faith in the process and pay attention to your inner thoughts and emotions, as they can tell you when your energy is beginning to stray out of balance.

As you are going through this process, it is best to get to know yourself and what really makes you happy in life. Take yourself out on dates to do things you want to do. Try new things that interest you. Find the fun in the world, what really lights you up inside and excites you. The more you spend learning about and loving yourself, the more you are going to radiate love out into the world. Based on the law of attraction, you can’t help but attract your ideal mate when you are already being that person to yourself. Finding your ideal mate, of course, is only the beginning, but trust that if you heal and love yourself, learn to truly enjoy your own presence regardless of anyone else being present, that person will appear in your life.