How Paleo Is Helping Me Lose Baby Weight

I am not a diet person. I am a failing at diets person. So what did I do? I decided to try a new diet for myself and my family. Now my family….they are not diet people either. My hubby thought I was nuts, even though he wants to return to eating a more healthy diet like we used to. You see, being pregnant for pretty much 2 years straight meant that everyone’s eating habits were affected by mine, and even though I made sure we had healthy meals the snacking was mostly junk food that was easy to get. Why? Because, hello! Pregnant at 32 is not the same as pregnant at 20 and you are tired ALL the time. Junk food is the logical easy snack to get the family off your back so you can sleep for an hour.

My tweenager is at that lovely age where all sorts of hormonal and social issues come into play that are extremely demanding physically and emotionally, i.e. “Mom you suck” phase has commenced because she can’t do or have what all the other “cool” kids are doing or have. Like iPhones…..people, please stop giving 10 year olds iPhones. Seriously. I should not be explaining to my child why a $700 smart phone is not appropriate for a 10 year old. Besides having yet another device to monitor, I know it’s only a matter of time before that thing would be dropped or destroyed in some manner. And don’t get me started on the school REQUIRING parents to buy their child an iPad because they don’t want to buy books. WHAT?? Not having things like bread and stuff that “normal” kids eat is apparently highly embarrassing for her. Anyway, moving on….

My preschooler is sooooo much fun! He is constantly hyper and wanting to run around and climb on everything, destroy everything, sometimes pee on everything….because apparently boys have to pee on everything. This is the boy who when I try to feed him dinner insists that he wants something else every single time. In fact, he would live off granola bars, hot dogs, mashed potatoes and gummy vitamins if I let him. He absolutely despises meat of all kinds. So I’m raising a little foodie tyrant that wants to eat mostly things that are not real food. Really, the only thing that you can eat on paleo out of his list of foods is mashed potatoes. So I got to look forward to starving my child to make him eat food. Awesome-sauce! (side note: He did not starve.)

My toddler is the good eater of the family. He will eat pretty much anything. As long as it’s his father who gives it to him anyway. If mom gives it to him it must be poison if he can’t recognize it within the 3 seconds he inspects it before throwing it on the floor. In fact, even if he can recognize it, unless I am giving him milk or organic food packets he thinks mommy is giving him a toy to play with I guess. He hasn’t quite been able to hit the ceiling with his food yet, but he can get up to my eye level on the walls so far. Cleaning up after your children is so thrilling, am I right ladies? I just tell myself he’s practicing for sports and one day he’ll be thanking me on tv for encouraging him in his youth by allowing him to chuck chunks of chicken across the room at high velocity.

Thankfully, the baby doesn’t argue with his bottle. My hubby however doesn’t like not having things like bread and waffles and pizza. In fact, getting any of my family to eat meat, fruits and vegetables is a battle of epic proportions. The main basis of the paleo diet? Meat, fruits and vegetables. So how to solve this problem? Mostly it has been a lot of compromise where I bought them bread once, which disappeared in 24 hours basically, and from time to time I will make pizza or pasta. You can’t deprive an Italian family of pizza and pasta. That’s just torture!! There’s a lot of whining when everyone has to eat the healthy food of course, and I did give in this last week and buy cereal and granola bars.

I pretty much have been mostly sticking to paleo myself for an entire month now except for once or twice a week I’ve eaten pasta or pizza, and I’ve had chocolate twice. Even without following the diet perfectly, I have lost 3 inches off my waist. I don’t do extreme workouts or anything like that. I might walk a little more than before or run once in a while. I do about 15 minutes of pilate type exercises or lifting free weights a few days a week. That’s it. I don’t force myself to be totally strict about anything, and I don’t go on binges when I do decide to eat things that don’t fit into paleo. I lost 3 inches in a month without doing anything drastic or crazy or paying a bunch of money for some special shake diet. I just stopped eating things that are meant to fill more than nourish. I never feel like I’m starving. I rarely have to tell myself that I can’t eat something or count calories. I just replaced all the junk with healthy options. I never measure weight, because I know muscle gain causes fat loss so it’s pointless to measure health by weight. I measure my waist and hips, which are the best indicator of health. 3 inches in a month is AMAZEBALLS!!

So while everyone may be telling you that you have to do all these crazy things and making excessive changes to your diet and exercise, the truth is that you don’t have to make drastic changes. You just have to make small ones over time and not give up if you aren’t doing it perfectly. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t expect instant changes, but I bet once you commit to making small changes over time you will begin to see big results.