Age Regression Hypnosis for Fear

Have a fear or phobia that is affecting you negatively? Fear can hold us back in so many ways, and it can make doing seemingly simple things extremely difficult. You don’t have to be afraid though! You can choose not to be afraid, which I know sounds a bit like a bunch of motivational mumbo jumbo you hear from people like Oprah or Tony Robbins, right? Well, they’re right.

You have the power over your fear! You have this power because the fear is in your mind, and you have the power to reprogram your mind to not be afraid anymore. That’s what hypnosis does. Hypnosis is a tool to help YOU reprogram your brain to stop holding you back and making things difficult for you.

Think of it like this….your brain is basically a computer, sending and storing information from your body that you take in through your senses and figuring out how it all makes sense so that it can ensure your survival in the world. Sometimes we come across experiences that create a fear paradigm in the mind, because it was something that caused you pain or endangered you in the past, or possibly caused someone you know pain or endangered them. So your brain is trying to protect you from something it has learned is dangerous to you.

During hypnosis, we are changing those paradigms and learned behaviors. We are retraining the brain to understand that the information it has is no longer relevant or correct and able to be deleted or reframed into a new understanding. Through doing this, you can learn to release your fear and move forward into new experiences in the world. Hypnosis allows you to take your control back and be free of fears and phobias to live your best life!

Check out this preview video of a hypnosis session of age regression in order to release fear and move forward in life!